Post-18 Options

It doesn鈥檛 take very long of being in Post-16 to realise that these two years fly by and you are quickly faced with making聽long-term decisions about your future. This site is designed to help you make those choices, by providing you with information about the聽four main options聽available to students finishing Year 13:

  1. Employment
  2. Apprenticeships
  3. University
  4. Gap Years

On this site, you can access:

  • 厂濒颈诲别蝉丑辞飞蝉听that contain summaries of information about each of these four options
  • YouTube videos聽that go with each slideshow, where Mr Forcella-Burton (the Director of Post-16 at The 新月直播) talks you through the information
  • 鈥楶arents鈥 Guides鈥聽that have been independently published to provide further detailed information about Post-18 Options
  • Links to other sites聽that are excellent sources of information, guidance and help 鈥 don鈥檛 be put off by adverts or other messages appearing on the links, as they will still take you to the information you need

Use the聽Menu聽to find the information you need.

Good luck with your decision-making!

As always, if you have questions or need personalised support, you can contact Mr Forcella-Burton via

Students 鈥 You will find lots of other useful information on our Post-16 Community Google Classroom. The joining code is cruhkyz.